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10 Inch Lure10 inch 

Our 10 inch Stick Baits are obviously a large lure that lend themselves to chasing larger predatory fish such as jewfish and tuna. Even though it may look too big, it is in fact about the same size as a garfish or saurie, which are excellent bait-fish in themselves. These lures are ideal for casting from ocean rocks for kings, throwing around offshore FADs for mahi-mahi, or when rigged with added weight, jigging inshore reefs for snapper or jewies. Because of their size they are easy to cast, and they have an exaggerated action due to their length. Even though though they are almost as long as some of the fish often targeted in an estuary, fish such as rat kings, at under 60cm, have no problem eating one of these lures, as most pelagic fish tend to have eyes much bigger than their stomach!
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6 inch  6 inch Lure

The 6 inch Stick Bait is probably the more versatile of the two lures  currently available, as it’s size allows the angler to target fish from flathead, all the way up to large kings or jewies. It is an ideal lure for estuary fishing, being comparable to a small pilchard - one of the most prominent and popular bait-fish available. Rigged weighted simply with sinkers or jigheads, they can be used to explore the sandflats or snags, or used unweighted they can be skipped across or just under the surface in search of kings, salmon or tailor. There are few fish in our waters that won’t have a go at a 6 inch Stick Bait, as they are a  great imitation of one of the most important food sources in every waterway on the coast.

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